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6 Jam Band Lyrics Entrepreneurs Should Live By

“Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world.” –Grateful Dead (Eyes of the World)

Entrepreneurship starts with vision. It is all about identifying that people want. Make a habit of pinpointing problems, and over the course of your life, you will be illuminated with countless ideas about how to change the world.

“If all your days are the same, at some point you’re to blame for playing the game.” –The String Cheese Incident (Let’s Go Outside)

The only regret you’ll experience in life is the risks that you failed to take. Whether you stick with your 9 to 5 or create something new, it is all up to you. Go out, pursue your dreams, and make them a reality.

“Now you’re in the saddle. You’ve got to rise or fall.” –Bruce Hornsby (Set Me in Motion)

Personal accountability is essential. Once you start a company, your fate falls into your own hands. Each success or failure that you experience is a direct result of your decisions. There’s no room for playing the blame game in entrepreneurship.

“I’m sittin’ around waiting for an airplane. Don’t know how to fly, but that’s okay.” –Widespread Panic (Airplane)

Entrepreneurs jump off cliffs and build airplanes on the way down. The path forward may be unclear at times, but you need to persevere and keep the faith. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge, and stay persistent until you find strategies that work.

“Wait until your deal come round. Don’t you let that deal go down.” –Grateful Dead (Deal)

Exercise patience. Don’t give equity away to just anyone. Wait for the right offer as you seek funding. Keep searching until you find the right employees who value your mission and fit with your culture.

“I see the path ahead of me. In a minute I’ll be free, and we’ll be splashing in the sea.” –Phish (Free)

Eventually moments of clarity will emerge. You will identify the perfect pivot, nail down your market strategy, and hook that elusive target customer. Trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to pivot when the opportunity presents itself.

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