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How Do You Develop Leadership Skills?

Follow these steps and you will develop your entrepreneurial skills, while establishing yourself as a leader:

Observe: Take note of how leaders in your life perform. How do they motivate you and their other followers? How are their organizations performing? Where could they make changes to improve organizational performance?

Identify Problems: Identify what your organization is struggling to accomplish. Maybe your organization has cash flow problems or poor execution on ideas. If you are in a student organization, you could also notice problems, such as low attendance at events or lack of programming.

Ideate Solutions: Once you have identified problems, generate plans to solve them. If your B2B organization has cash flow problems, you could figure out a way to get new clients in the door, such as a Linkedin marketing campaign or partnership with a Chamber of Commerce. Devise a plan to host a speaker series if your student organization lacks programming.

Ask for Help: Leaders don’t go at it alone. They motivate people to follow. Practice your pitch, then communicate your vision to your co-workers or classmates. Ask for their help. Don’t be discouraged if some people turn you down. Keep trying until you have built a team to carry out your initiative.

Take Action: Once you have built a team, put your plan into action. Delegate specific tasks to your helpers, based on their unique skill sets. Make sure to give your team autonomy and incorporate their ideas into your plans. This step is where you practice implementation and learn through experience.

Reflect and Repeat: After your initiative is complete(successful or failed), take some time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Once you have learned from your experience, go back to step 2 and launch a new initiative. Remember, you will become a better leader as you practice more.

Follow this process, and you will learn leadership through experience. Best of luck!

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