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Growth Hack: Venture Travel

Are you looking to grow your entrepreneurial or artistic venture? Look no further than venture travel. This innovative networking framework employs community-connected hosts to provide business opportunities for visiting entrepreneurs and artists.

Here is how it works. If you are a musician from California, you may not be familiar with venues, studios, and music networks in Washington, D.C. What do you do if you want to work in Washington? Simple, you sign up on Entreprenavel to stay with another musician who can show you the ropes. Your host can connect you with gigs, help you form promotional partnerships, and introduce you to potential collaborators. Community-connected hosts help entrepreneurs and artists tap into new markets by introducing them to the right people.

Entrepreneurs need connections to customers, suppliers, investors, and accelerators. Using venture travel, they can make these critical connections in a variety of locations. Additionally, entrepreneurs can easily perform market research by reaching out to their hosts’ community contacts. If you want to start selling your products in Texas, you could stay with a Texas entrepreneur for two weeks, meet local distributors, and talk to customers.

For entrepreneurs considering frontier markets, venture travel provides a platform to execute market research and infrastructure establishment. These processes are particularly important if you are working in foreign countries or serving low-income populations. Venture travel works well for entrepreneurs who are looking to dirty their boots on the ground.

Artists can tap into venture travel to escape the confines of their galleries, work in new places, and encounter diverse collaborators. Furthermore, venture travel is perfect for artists seeking to show their work on the road. Nothing appeals to a broad audience as well as displays in multiple locations.

Venture travel is an efficient way for entrepreneurs and artists to rapidly build their businesses. By capitalizing on community connections, ventures accelerate expansion into new markets. Hosts play a critical role in this process, since travelers rely on their community connections, along with their hospitality.

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