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Our Services

Strategic Consulting

We help companies crack their conventional thinking and develop innovative strategies to achieve product market fit or scale their operations. Using a mixture of economic, psychological, and sociological considerations, Entreprenavel will differentiate your business during these challenging times of rapid globalization and digitalization. Let us help you design your successful future.

Marketing Strategy

We combine design thinking and the latest social-psychology research to create marketing strategies, tailored to your ideal customers' pain points and aspirations. Our marketing package includes market research, branding, copywriting, and social media services. We are eager to help you attract your target audience by sending strong signals to cut through noise in an increasing crowded digital space.

Investment Preparation and Pitch Refinement

We will work with you to select the right financing strategy for your venture and walk you through our investment-readiness program. Our process includes pitch-presentation preparation, business plan design, and investor outreach. We do not require payment, unless we help you successfully reach your fundraising goals.

Economic and Public-Policy Research

Do you worry about how emerging global trends will affect your supply chains or investment decisions? We will conduct economic & public-policy research to pinpoint the trends that should be factored into your future strategies. Please contact us with questions you would like to have answered.

Sustainability Consulting

Our team will help you identify and execute on impact metrics to align your business with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. If you aspire to do good by doing well and increase your investment appeal, then our Sustainability Consulting service is an excellent fit for you.

Strategic-Partnership Formation

Do you seek to collaborate with other businesses, non-profits, and institutions to achieve your goals? We will help you identify and build strategic partnerships to further your mission. By tapping into our community networks, our team will create mutually beneficial alliances to bring out the best in your business.

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