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Are you considering an entrepreneurial career? Would you like to work in startups, impact investing, or economic development? Entreprenavel is reinventing the entrepreneur education experience. We are training the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders around the world.

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Majestic French-style gateway that is found at the University of Virginia. This represents the entrepreneurial gateway to education.

Step through the entrepreneurial gateway and begin your entrepreneur education experience. We will teach you the fundamentals of team formation, startup strategy, impact investing, and economic development. Our free online training, along with our coaching services, are designed to help you think and act in entrepreneurial ways. You can apply our entrepreneurial career training to all aspects of your life by taking action to solve the problems you see in society. Entreprenavel is here to provide entrepreneur education, so get started on your journey. You can begin by applying entrepreneurial reasoning…

Multiply Your Value Through Business – Entrepreneurial Reasoning

Statue of two deer locking horns at the University of Virginia. This image represents entrepreneurial growth and market competition.

One of the best reasons for starting a business is to multiply the value you provide the world. Entrepreneurship is an excellent mechanism for making a positive and scalable impact on society. Here are some key elements for value multiplication through business:

1. Entrepreneurial Employees: You can train employees and build their skills on a personal level. By treating your employees well, you can impact their lives, and they will in turn impact the lives of your customers.

2. Customers: You can improve your customers’ lives through the products or services that you sell them. Most products and services will solve problems in the customers’ lives. Some may even help the customers launch and run organizations, which will provide even more value to society.

3. Partner Organizations: Successful businesses will often form partnerships with other businesses, nonprofits, governments, and community organizations. If these partnerships work well, the collaborations will create value, enabling stakeholders to further their missions and improve their impacts.

4. Investors: You can give your investors the returns they want to see, which will be ideally aligned with your vision. These returns can be financial, environmental, social, or governmental.

5. Outside Stakeholders: Even people outside of the groups mentioned above can benefit from your venture. If you reduce emissions, the world can benefit from your impact on climate change. By providing jobs and paying taxes, you can boost your local community.

6. Aspiring Entrepreneurs Lastly, it is important to cultivate up-and-coming entrepreneurs to scale the impact from your own experiences. You can mentor people one-on-one, or you can share your knowledge with the general public.

What is your reason for starting a business?

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