Founders, Futurists, and Failures Podcast

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What Is Founders, Futurists, and Failures?

The Founders, Futurists, and Failures podcast takes you on a journey inside entrepreneurial minds. Conor Flynn interviews people in the entrepreneurship space to give you a candid view of their thought processes, startup struggles, and strategic tactics.

The podcast promotes learning from failures, as well as successes, and highlights both best and worst practices in entrepreneurship. As our first guest, Lauren Wilmot, says about Kickstarter campaigns, “take a lot of time to look at other projects, both projects that have been successful and those that have not, because… there is always something to learn.” Lauren’s wisdom on Kickstarter campaigns applies to almost all entrepreneurial endeavors. That is why we are in the business of spreading ideas.

We hope that you enjoy enjoy listening to our podcast and getting into the entrepreneurial mindset!

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